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What is the ideal desk chair for work?

Here we tell you the things to consider to know if a chair is ergonomic... easily!

In our constant quest to improve your work experience, we want to share with you some tips on what makes a desk chair truly ergonomic. The right choice can make a difference in your health and productivity. Discover the key elements that a chair must have to provide you with the comfort you need!

1. Adjustable Lumbar Support:

  • A good ergonomic chair should offer adjustable support for the natural curve of your lumbar spine.

  • Allows you to customize the height and depth of the lumbar support to suit your individual needs.

2. Height Adjustment:

  • The chair height should be adjustable so that your feet rest flat on the floor.

  • Keep your legs at a 90-degree angle to improve circulation and reduce pressure on the lower back.

3. Adjustable Armrests:

  • Adjustable armrests allow you to align your arms comfortably while typing or using the keyboard.

  • Adjust the height so that your shoulders are relaxed and your forearms are parallel to the floor.

4. Rounded Edge Seat:

  • The seat should have a rounded edge to prevent pressure behind the knees.

  • Ensure there is enough space between the seat and the back of the knees for better circulation.

5. Tilt Mechanism:

  • A good tilt mechanism allows you to recline the chair to change positions during the day and to adapt to your body. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND

6. Breathable Materials:

  • Opt for chairs with breathable materials to prevent heat buildup.

  • Thermal comfort is essential for long work sessions.

7. Stable Base with Wheels:

  • The chair base should be stable and the wheels should allow smooth movement.

  • Facilitates effortless mobility and avoids unnecessary strain.

8. Material Quality:

  • The quality of the materials determines the comfort of the chair in the medium/long term. We see many chairs on the market that seem to have it all, but once you use them, the seat foams deform and flatten, or the mechanisms stop working. We must be clear if we want a chair for occasional use or a chair to give "trot" to.

Is the tilt mechanism the basis of an ergonomic desk chair?

This element determines the adaptability and comfort that a chair can offer. Let's dive into the different types of mechanisms and their benefits!

Depending on the mechanism mounted on a chair, we can divide them into the following groups;

1. Swivel Desk Chair: No Tilt Mechanism

  • Characteristics:

    Ideal for tasks that do not require being in front of the desk for long periods.

    Provides basic mobility without tilt options.

  • Perfect for:

    Standard office tasks where tilt is not a priority.

2. Rocking Desk Chair: Flexible Movement

  • Characteristics:

    Allows tilting of the seat forward and backward, adapting to the user's natural movements.

    Provides a range of motion that avoids stiffness and improves posture.

  • Perfect for:

    People who prefer a more dynamic range of motion during their tasks.

3. Asynchronous Desk Chair or Asynchronous Mechanism: Customized Adjustments

  • Characteristics:

    Allows independent adjustments for the backrest and seat.

    Provides the possibility of customizing the tilt according to individual preferences.

  • Perfect for:

    Users looking for full control over the position and tilt of the chair.

4. Synchronous Desk Chair or Synchronous Mechanism: Perfect Coordination

  • Characteristics:

    Coordinates the movement of the seat and backrest in a single mechanism.

    Provides a balanced tilt that follows the body's natural movements.

  • Perfect for:

    Offers a complete solution for those seeking smooth synchronization between the seat and backrest.

    When choosing a desk chair, keep your needs and preferences in mind. Ergonomics is not just about comfort, but also about the ability to adjust the chair according to your unique way of working. Discover the perfect chair for you and transform your workspace into an ergonomic excellence experience!

    At DESKandSIT, we have a selection of ergonomic chairs designed to optimize your workspace. Visit our online store or come to our store to discover how to improve your comfort and productivity!

    Work better, feel better!

    Can we help you choose your new desk or work chair?

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