What to consider when buying a patio parasol?

What to consider when buying a parasol?

There is a type of parasol for each space, a parasol for the terrace or garden of your house is not the same as one for a bar or restaurant terrace.

It is important to know what space we intend to cover, to choose the ideal model.

What things should be taken into account when choosing a parasol?

Here we present the different types of parasols, so you can define which one suits what you are looking for.

- Space to be covered by the parasol or parasols:

How many meters do you have available. You should look for the best combination of parasol measures taking into account the price (smaller parasols are cheaper) and the functionality or free space between masts (the larger the parasol, the clearer and more comfortable the terrace is).</ p>

- Weather resistance (wind, sun, humidity...) of the parasol:

Depending on the requirements, a parasol with a more robust structure should be chosen.

- The time we are going to use the parasol:

Every day, from time to time... If the use is daily, it is better to choose a model that does not have to be stored when the store closes.

Other decisions to make: aesthetic and functional options to choose a parasol

- We must choose a parasol with ruffles or without ruffles

- Type of base: we can fix it to the ground (if possible) or look for a base with the appropriate weight according to the size of the parasol. Usually, for pasoles from 3 or 4 meters, it is recommended to embed the base into the ground whenever possible.

- Type of fabric: we have aesthetic requirements (color) and functional requirements. We can choose between resin-coated fabrics that repel dirt and rain, completely waterproof fabrics (such as PVC) or easily available fabrics (such as textilene) for very dirty areas (for example, under trees with birds)

- Screen-printed parasols: here it is generally a matter of budget. It is always better to silkscreen the parasol with the logo of your store. You personalize the terrace with your hallmark. But of course, this makes the budget more expensive.

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