Essential furniture in your office You

already have the office, employees and above all eager to continue growing as a professional What do you need now? Your office furniture. In DESKandSIT we tell you how to choose the best Office furniture and provide your space with maximum functionality in 5 simple steps.

The colors, the office screens, the use of mirrors or the shape of Ordering office supplies may have more impact than you think about the work environment and productivity. 

If you are starting from scratch and have embarked on an adventure with a new project,also we tell you how to maximize the possibilities that offers your office in your home and the essential home office office furniture that you will need. Follow our equipment guide!

1 Office furniture: tables

Function and Office table measurements are the factors that you should consider before choosing.

Reception tables

Designed for large companies that have a space to receive customers. It is best to choose an office design table, along with more Office reception furniture like a swivel chair. And if you have a reception space, seats or benches son the best option. 

Another possibility is to get a Office reception furniture, its size will be larger and will include storage places. 

Work area office tables

These are the most common, so they exist in a wide variety of materials. The wooden office table It is a great option if you work in a creative environment. An office table in L shape or corner It may be desirable if you intend to take full advantage of the office space. 

Office tables or desk furniture

Do you want to gain space on your desk? The measures of these office tables that we offer in DESKandSIT they reach up to 210 cm long in individual tables, or as bench benches for groups of several people in tables that can be as long as needed. Perfect for separate offices or for work environments or open rooms, and for employees with more than one computer screen. 

Office tables for meetings

A modern office table is the best option to face a meeting, it will create an elegant atmosphere for all present. An essential for your company!

2 Office furniture: chairs

office furniture chairs

After choosing the tables you must Buy office chairs. These are essential to ensure the productivity and health of employees and are also one of the most economical office furniture. 

A good method is to buy them together with the Office tables, in this way will create a harmonious environment that will facilitate communication and understanding. In addition to the classic swivel wheelchairs, if you want to maximize the comfort of your employees, look for ergonomic chairs.  

For buy office chairs of the best materials and at the best prices take a look at our catalog of office furniture. 

3 Cabinets and shelves

Although more and more office supplies are stored digitally, it is essential to have an orderly space. In our catalog of office furniture you will find the filing cabinets and drawers that fulfill this function and will allow you to access the documents easily.

Cabinets and shelves

On the other hand should incorporate office shelves to make those materials common to the office visible.

4 Office decoration

You should not overlook the Office decoration, aspects such as color can vary the environment of your company. 

If you want to increase the concentration, choose green, if you prefer to create a cozy atmosphere, neutral colors and if you want to increase the dynamism, choose white office furniture. 

Of course, it is essential to add some object for the decoration of modern offices such  as a poster with a motivational phrase or planters that give a feeling of naturalness.And do not forget the various accessories: a blackboard for meetings, a couple of hangers and a couple of bins to fill the space!

How to create a home office?

If you want to create a comfortable space to work, you will be happy to know that with a couple of changes in your room you can create a suitable work environment and create an office with office furniture.

  • First, make sure you are isolated from distractions and have a nearby window, lighting is essential.

  • Fundamental desk furniture. That is, an office table adapted to the space available to you (in general, home office desks are more compact than office tables) along with a chest of drawers and a chair.

  • A wooden office table is the right choice, as it will create a cozy atmosphere, and if you gather cheap office furniture, also in wood, you can immediately create the space you want. Although, you can also choose a glass table or with easels, which offer exceptional visual lightness.

  • Accompany it with a board cork or white board where you put your notes and voila, you don't need Buy more office furniture. 

You already know how to organize your company with Office furniture to make it more functional and dynamic, now it remains to buy office furniture.

home office

If while reading this post the distribution of the tables has appeared in your mind, the White office furniture and modular, and accessories to create a professional interview environment, congratulations! In our furniture catalog you Office can find everything you have imagined for your company and much more.

Affordable prices, home delivery, assembly service, and the best national brands. If you are looking to create a more welcoming environment for your staff or want to create your own office at home, do not hesitate and contact us. At DESKandSIT we have been experts in office furniture for years.

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